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10 Wedding Trends for 2021 and Beyond

With all the challenges presented in 2020, couples had to find ways to adapt their weddings. Brides and grooms had more to consider than their perfect honeymoon spot, how to impress guests with personalized favors, and how to choose the perfect attire for their wedding party.

Wedding Trends for 2021

Instead, couples were forced to consider how to have a wedding that respected social distancing rules, made their guests feel safe, and reflected a more socially conscious time. As a result, new wedding trends emerged for 2021. Many of these trends are very cool, and you may want to incorporate them into your special day. Here are 10 wedding trends to check out for 2021 and beyond.

1. Sustainability

Couples are more aware of their footprint than ever before. This awareness has extended into consideration for how couples will spend their special day. Couples are looking to cut out as much waste as possible. As a bride and groom, you might opt out of paper invitations altogether and send digital ones. You could even offer a virtual celebration for guests from afar to cut out travel.

Many wedding venues are also looking for ways to become more sustainable. They are opting for locally-sourced produce for their in-house catering. You could also share your wedding day flowers and decor with couples using your venue on the same day.

Weddings Reimagined

2. Weddings Reimagined

You no longer have to hold a big wedding on a Saturday with a reception following until midnight. With a guest list of 50 or less, mirco weddings are a trend a lot of couples favor these days. These intimate events offer a vibe that is personal and emotional. With a smaller guest list, couples have more budget to spend lavishly on the group for things like the venue, entertainment, photography, and decor.

A sequel wedding is another trend that emerged from 2020. Couples who had a small affair in 2020 due to the pandemic restrictions may opt to have a second more grand affair in 2021 and beyond. These large-scale events will be focused on celebrating the couple's love with those who couldn't attend the first event.

From the cocktail party to the ceremony, and the reception, many couples are choosing to host their event completely outside. Because a lot of weddings are smaller right now, couples can choose a unique location that might not have been size-appropriate for a larger scale event.

Couples are looking to save money by hosting weekday weddings too. Where your perfect venue may have been financially out-of-reach before, a weekday affair might make your desired venue possible.

With saving money in mind, a wedding brunch is another great trend for 2021. With a wedding brunch, you can take advantage of the daylight and host a beautiful event outdoors under tents. With a brunch-style wedding, you can cut a lot of the costs that a later-in-the-day wedding may incur. Think about what a fun menu you could have at a wedding brunch.

Smaller Wedding Cakes

3. Smaller Wedding Cakes

In careful consideration of guests' safety, the individual wedding cake is a trend for 2021. Guests feel special when they receive their very own wedding cake at the end of the meal or as a take-home favor. You could even serve these individual cakes on a custom-designed coaster engraved with your initials.

Couples are also favoring single-tier cakes over the multi-tier ones of the past. What the single-tier cake lacks in height will be made up for in its detail. Couples can pay homage to the intricate details of the bride's dress or their flowers' color palette when designing their cake. Any element from the wedding can be incorporated into the cake's design.

wedding entertainment

4. More Entertainment Please

With people being largely confined to their homes in 2020 bingeing on Netflix and spending countless hours on TikTok and Instagram, there is a real craving for in-person entertainment. With many couples opting out of dancing at the reception, more thought is being put into how to entertain their guests.

2021 weddings will see more live music with large bands and a concert-style reception. Couples may even choose to offer entertainment in the form of stand-up comedians, dance tributes, aerialists, and other performers. The goal is to keep guests entertained from their seats.

live stream weddings

5. Lives Stream Events

As many far-flung guests are unable to attend weddings in these times, more and more couples are looking to broadcast their day. This trend will not be going away. Couples will continue to live stream their events for guests who cannot attend as the technology improves.

Couples might also use technology to offer online tours of their venue ahead of time, behind-the-scenes looks at wedding preparation, and even a way for guests to participate in the reception virtually. A bride could even plant a Gopro in her bridal bouquet to give guests a view of the event from her perspective. Expect technology to play an even bigger role in weddings of the future.

wedding welcome box

6. A Welcome Box

Most weddings in 2020 offered hand sanitizers and social distancing direction to their guests. The trend of welcome boxes is to take this a step further. The idea behind the welcome box is to house all of the elements your guests will need for their day in one place. These elements can include hand sanitizer, a mask, a program, and even their take-home favor. Welcome boxes are a great way to make your guests feel cared about and welcome at your wedding.

outdoor seating for wedding

7. Take a Seat

There are a few new trends when it comes to seating your guests. The first one is to offer socially-distant pod-style seating. With pod-style seating, guests would sit in small groups with other people they have spent time with. This seating style means seating groups will be smaller and more intimate.

Wedding coordinators are changing up the size of the groups sitting together and how people are sitting together. A new trend for 2021 is mismatched seating and tables. Just like bridesmaids no longer need to match, wedding seating can be mixed up too. Where you once might have chosen from either a square, rectangular, or circular seating configuration, you can now mix-and-match.

Private Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

8. Private Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Couples are now looking to avoid the crowded bar and nightclub scene when planning their bachelor and bachelorette celebrations. Instead, they might book a private house through Airbnb for their event. This option can be more cost-conscious and offers a more creative, intimate party for their guests.

wedding greenery

9. The Decor

A big trend with brides and grooms for 2021 and beyond will be to create an outdoor lounge experience with their decor. Couples might create a living room scene that incorporates plush pillows, couches, and cozy throws. This intimate outdoor experience is great for photos.

Luscious greenery is also an important trend for weddings of 2021. Couples are dressing their weddings with cascades of foliage and incorporating plants like ferns, succulents, garlands of eucalyptus, and even cacti. This natural decor trend lends itself to almost any style of wedding.

Editorial Style Wedding Photos

10. Editorial Style Photos

Couples in 2021 want epic photos that are more stylized than in the past and can be used on social media to commemorate their day. With drone photography, it's easy to capture images that were not possible before.

These epic photos include aerial photos of the wedding guests, panoramic views, couples perched on top of mountains, downtown skylines as the backdrop, and just about any scene in nature. Photos that you may have only seen in magazines before can now be recreated on your wedding day.

Hopefully, this article got your creativity flowing for planning your 2021 and beyond wedding. All of the challenges in 2020 created some great trends for the weddings of the future. From new technology, different ways to seat your guests, to different ways to serve your wedding cake, it's an exciting time to host your wedding.

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