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Celebrating a Half Century of Love: 50th Anniversary Ideas

Celebrating a half century of love is a momentous occasion. The 50th wedding anniversary is probably the most celebrated of all anniversaries. After all, in today’s world, it’s becoming a rarity for couples to stay together for such a great length of time.

The 50th anniversary is golden and gold symbolizes optimism and prosperity. Gold is beautiful as well as being resistant to corrosion and powerfully strong, just as a marriage has to be to last 50 years.

The flower associated with a 50th anniversary is the violet, but many people prefer to give roses. If roses are your choice, the Golden Anniversary, Golden Kiss, Golden Memories or Goldfinch varieties are perfect for the occasion.

Special Greetings

If the happy couple lives in the US, be sure to request a greeting from the White House at least eight weeks prior to the celebration so it will arrive on time. In Canada, a greeting can be requested from the Prime Minister. If the couple lives outside of these countries, check the office of the federal government to find out if a similar greeting can be requested.

Other Ideas

If the couple enjoys picnics, plan an outside family reunion or open house barbecue. Buy a few bottles of a golden sparkling wine so family and friends can toast the longevity of the marriage. Use gold colored cups, plates and cutlery. Have a beautiful centerpiece of golden roses made for the couple’s table.


There are a number of traditional gifts that can be given, such as gold jewelry, a gold porcelain rose, a bouquet of Bells of Ireland, a family tree made of gold paper and set in a gold frame, or a gold guest book that is embossed with 50th Anniversary and signed by all of the guests. A unique gift could be a trip to a gold mine, or to the Gold Coast. All family members and friends could have the option of making a donation toward the trip in lieu of a separate gift.

Other unique gifts could include a poem penned by the person who is giving it, written in gold ink and set in a gold frame, a CD of music from the era when the marriage took place, an enlargement of the couple’s wedding photo, a money tree, a wish tree, or a family quilt.

Family Quilt

Have family members and friends create a quilt block and then put them together to create a family heirloom. It’s best if the person who will be piecing the quilt cuts the blocks and hands them out to be decorated. This ensures that all blocks are the same size and will piece together perfectly. The couple who is celebrating will be ecstatic to receive this memento of their years together.

Wish Tree

Use a large branch, real or artificial, to create a wish tree. Tie gold ribbons at strategic points and add pictures of precious moments in the couple’s life, such as wedding photos, baby photos of children and grandchildren, special events and other highlights of their days together. Also add gift certificates to restaurants, movies and favorite places. Airline tickets, money, and passes to favorite attractions can also be added, as can a trip to their original honeymoon destination.

Time Capsule

Create a time capsule. Include photos of the couple’s wedding, clippings of historical events during the course of their marriage, a list of “this day in history,” for the day they were married, music CDs of the era of their wedding, and DVDs of old movies from the decade of their wedding day.

Ask family members and friends to write stories of memories associated with the couple. Some of these will be heart touching while others are hilarious. These can be bound in a book and included in the time capsule, or placed in it separately.

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate the couple’s Golden Wedding Anniversary, it will be a time of sharing memories and honoring the couple. Have a blast!

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