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Avoid These 8 Wedding Invitation Mistakes

Planning a wedding is an exciting time, and you want your wedding invitations to make a great impression on your guests. After all, the invitation sets the tone for your celebration; it's the first piece of your wedding your guests will see. However, it's easy to make mistakes with your wedding invitations. Read on to learn the most common mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1) Sending your invitations too late

When you send your wedding invitations, give your guests plenty of time to make work and travel arrangements. Your guests should receive their invitations at least eight weeks before the wedding. If you're planning a destination wedding, give your guests at least 12 weeks' notice.

2) Not making it clear who is invited

The best way to make clear who an invitation is for is with the names on the envelope. If you're inviting a couple but are not inviting their children, only write the couple's names on the invitation. If you're allowing a guest to bring a plus-one, write the guest's name plus "and Guest" on the envelope. If the invitation is for the whole family, you can write "The Jones Family," or write each person's name.

3) Not providing RSVP information

Be sure to include an "RSVP By" date on your wedding invitations. Make the RSVP date at least two weeks before the wedding. You should also make it easy for your guests to RSVP. Include an addressed, stamped envelope for guests to mail their RSVP cards, or direct them to your wedding website to RSVP online.

4) Including your registry information

You shouldn't include your wedding registry information on the invitations. It gives your guests the impression you're asking for gifts, which is an etiquette faux-pas. You can include a link to your registry on your wedding website, or have your immediate family let your guests know where you're registered if they request it.

5) Not proofreading your invitations

When you receive the first draft of your invitations from your vendor, double-check everything. Make sure all names are spelled correctly, and the date, time, and location are correct. Have a friend or two look over the invitation, as well--a pair of fresh eyes might catch a mistake you missed. A mistake can lead to a costly reprint of your invitations, or even worse, confused guests.

6) Not ordering enough invitations or envelopes

While you don't want to waste money by ordering more invitations than you need, you also don't want to order too few. Make sure you have enough to cover addressing mistakes, invitations lost in the mail, and a few keepsakes. A good rule of thumb is to order 25 percent extra.*

7) Insufficient postage

Postage is an expense many couples forget to account for. Before you mail your invitations, assemble a complete sample, including all enclosure cards, and have it weighed at your local post office. The last thing you want is to have your invitations returned for insufficient postage.

8) Leaving out necessary information

Well-prepared guests are happy guests. Your wedding invitation should give your guests all the information they will need. Be sure to include the ceremony's date, time, and location. If your reception will be held at a separate location, either include this fact on the wedding invitation or include a reception card with the time and place. If your reception will be in the same location as the ceremony, simply include "reception to follow" on the invitation.

With your invitation, include an information card with hotel information, details about pre-wedding activities, and the address of your wedding website.

Sending your wedding invitations doesn't need to be stressful. With the above tips, you'll avoid the most common wedding invitation mistakes.



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