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Do You Plan to Change Wedding Gowns Mid-Ceremony? Here's What You Need to Keep in Mind

Up until a few years ago, it never occurred to most brides that they could have multiple wedding gowns for their wedding. A change occurred around the year 2008, though - brides began to feel that it was a terrible waste to choose just one dress out of all the wonderful designs that they found during their dress hunt. Why couldn't they have two or more dresses and change through their wedding?

multiple gowns for a wedding

Two-gown weddings become more common each passing year. Today, 1 in 5 weddings or so involves at least one dress change in the middle. One in 20 weddings see brides going through as many as 3 wedding dresses. The question is, are dress changes in weddings a good idea or are they just excessive?

Many brides prefer 2-wedding dresses for a reason

Brides have good reason to want one dress change at their weddings - while the main ceremony often needs a grand wedding gown, something shorter and more fun can be convenient for the reception and partying that follow. When brides choose more than two dress changes, though, it isn't for any practical need. They just feel that wedding gowns are beautiful and want as many as possible.

What they don't realize, though, is that a wedding dress change isn't like any other dress change that they know of - it can take so much more time. Having multiple dress changes can take much time out of the wedding ceremony and cause holdups. Brides going through these dress changes are often left with little time to actually enjoy their ceremony - they need to concentrate on the dress change process to the exclusion of everything else.

The dress change idea has been around for a while

Arranging for elaborate changes through the course of a wedding is an idea that has been around for more than a decade now. Before dress changes during weddings, it was reasonably common for brides to retain professional hairdressers for the duration of their weddings. One or more times during the wedding, brides would rush in and have the hairdresser completely change their hairdo. Meanwhile, their guests would wait around 40 minutes each time, wondering why the wedding had suddenly come to a standstill. The idea that weddings could have dress changes in the middle only came afterwards.

Changing wedding gowns may take less time than hairstyle changes

Each wedding gown change usually takes no more than 15 minutes. For this reason, including one dress change during the course of a wedding isn't necessarily a problem. It doesn't make sense to raise the stakes any further, though. Taking several 15-minute bites out of a wedding tends to leave the bride with little time to actually spend with her guests, after all. Things can also get unacceptably slow when brides decide to change not just the wedding gown, but the entire ensemble - jewelry, flowers, shoes and so on.

Whatever kind of mid-wedding changes you have in mind, you need to do some deep planning

You can hope for a 15-minute mid-wedding dress change when you have all the necessary parts neatly laid out and one or two friends helping you through the change with practiced perfection. It can take considerably longer when you don't have your dress change plan properly planned, though.

  • You should go through two or three dry runs to make sure that you recognize problem spots and have workarounds ready.

  • Having more than two friends helping you change can only slow you down - there will be too much opportunity for talking and confusion.

  • You need to put your dress change routine on a timer.

  • It's important to work in a toilet break during the dress change routine- another chance could be hard to come by.

It's important to arrange for someone who won't be in the room during the dress change to come by once every couple of minutes to remind you that there isn't time. When you're in a beautiful wedding location sipping martinis and joking around with your bridesmaids it can be easy to not notice how quickly time passes.

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