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Getting Married Like a Royal: 15 Tips, Tricks and Rules to Follow

Tips on getting married like a royal

You may never have the opportunity to become part of the royal family, but it doesn't mean you can't get married like one. Do you want to model your big day after a royal wedding? Here are 15 tips.

1) Choose a stunning venue.

You probably don't have access to St. Paul's Cathedral, but you can choose a location that has the elegance of royalty.

Members of the royal family always get married in a church, but you could use any venue that has the right ambiance. Find a space with ornate décor, a high ceiling, and a long aisle, as well as seating and accents constructed of rich wood.

2) Insist on hats.

Be sure to ask each female guest attending your wedding to be wearing a hat. All of the women in the royal family wear hats inside a church and to weddings.

Any hat will work, but those fabulous fascinators you see in Great Britain are best.

3) Arrive in an amazing vehicle.

You will want transportation to and from your ceremony via a fabulous car or carriage. If you know someone with an amazing car, ask to borrow it for the wedding day. You could also rent something.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle both came to their weddings in vintage cars owned by the royal family.

Many royal brides choose a carriage instead of a car. Princess Diana arrived at her wedding in a carriage fit for Cinderella. It had glass windows where she could be seen and photographed.

4) Show no cleavage.

If you want to emulate the royal family, your gown should be modest. You can wear a high neckline or a slight V, but nothing that is plunging. Kate Middleton's gown pushed the limits but did not show any cleavage.

Your gown should also reach the floor and ideally include a long train from the veil. It should be simple and elegant but not flashy. Skip the bling and go for lace if you want some detail.

5) Wear sleeves.

Royal brides cover their arms. You can choose a sleek, simple sleeve like Meghan Markle or a lacy sleeve like Kate Middleton. Just be sure your arms aren't bare. 6) Fill your wedding party with children.

While royalty will occasionally choose one grown-up as a special witness, you won't see adult bridesmaids and groomsmen in a royal wedding. Instead, you will have page boys and bridesmaids who are children. The young page boys will be responsible for holding your train as you walk down the aisle, and the bridesmaids will follow them. Their biggest duty is to look adorable.

7) Carry a sprig of myrtle.

A royal bride must have a sprig of myrtle as part of her bouquet. This tradition, observed since the wedding of Queen Victoria, usually entails the use of flowers that come from Victoria's original plant from her home garden.

When the wedding is over, don't toss the bouquet to your single friends. Place it on the grave of a soldier instead, just like a royal bride.

8) Have Welsh gold in your rings.

The options can be yellow, white or rose, but royal couples always have Welsh gold in their wedding bands. Gold from Wales is often more expensive than gold from other places, but that's part of what makes it so special.

9) Wear a tiara.

If you're going to get married like royalty, you have to wear a tiara. Most royal brides borrow theirs from someone else in the royal family, but you can buy one if you don't have a relative with a collection.

You can choose something simple and sweet or with thousands of sparkles. You have to make sure it sits properly on your head. Your tiara should be placed high enough to show your whole face and be tilted at a 45-degree angle so that the jewels are easy to see.

10) Have two receptions.

Royal weddings typically take place in the morning. After the ceremony, there is a luncheon referred to as a wedding breakfast, and then a second reception that lasts into the evening.

Your wedding breakfast should be a formal meal where guests are seated and served by staff. The reception itself can be more like a party with dancing and drinks. Changing into a second gown for this reception is appropriate.

11) Don't kiss in church.

A traditional royal wedding does not end with the officiant giving the couple permission to kiss. Royal couples save their first kiss as spouses for after the ceremony. That is sometimes done on a balcony but can also be at the top of a staircase.

12) Keep your chin up.

Walking like royalty requires that you keep your head up with your chin parallel to the ground. That is especially important when you are descending a staircase. Your arms should be at your sides unless you are holding hands with your prince.

13) Hold a handbag with both hands.

As you make your way from one location to another, carry a small handbag. Holding it with both hands allows you to avoid having to shake hands with commoners.

If a guest does happen to catch you when your hands are free, then put a friendly smile on your face and give no more than two pumps.

14) Reject shellfish.

The royal family does not consume shellfish, at least not in public. This practice is to avoid an embarrassing episode of food poisoning.

It is also well-known that the Queen is not a fan of garlic, so it is never an ingredient in food served at royal events where she will be in attendance.

15) Mail guests a piece of cake.

Guests at royal weddings will typically be sent a slice of cake in the mail as a wedding favor. Send these out in pretty little boxes. If you want to avoid postage, you can cheat a little by giving the packaged cake away at your reception.

You don't have to marry an actual prince to bring a little bit of royalty into your wedding.

Follow these 15 tips, and your wedding will be a celebration that would please even the Queen.

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