Love in the Time of Coronavirus: How to Plan a Wedding During a Pandemic

wedding planning during pandemic

You have been dating for a long time now, getting to know one another and thinking seriously about the future. And now that your significant other has finally popped the question, it is time to plan the wedding you have been dreaming about since childhood.

Planning a wedding can be a lot of fun, but what happens when life throws you a curveball? In the age of coronavirus, everything has become much more difficult, from dining out and grocery shopping to going to work and attending college classes, but weddings have also been impacted in a big way.

The coronavirus pandemic does not mean you have to postpone your wedding or cancel it altogether. It does, however, mean making significant changes to the ceremony and how it is held. Here are some timely tips for planning your wedding in the midst of a pandemic.

Research Applicable Regulations

The rules governing large gatherings vary from place to place depending on how many coronavirus cases have been seen and how successful containment efforts have been. Some parts of the country have been hit especially hard, while others have seen virtually no impact.

Before you plan your wedding, be sure to research the restrictions on gatherings and make sure you understand what that means for your guest list. If the current rules only allow gatherings of up to 50 people, you may need to do some serious trimming to your guest list.

Set Up a Video Option

Trimming a large guest list down to size is tough, but setting up a video option can ease the pain and allow everyone to attend. Zoom weddings are all the rage in the age of coronavirus, and this option could be perfect for your own ceremony.

Wedding venues are becoming very familiar with the Zoom option, so ask them for help when planning your ceremony. Keep in mind that older family members may need some technical assistance, and you may need to ask younger relatives to help out on the big day.

Host a Virtual Wine Tasting for the Wedding Party

Having the wedding party meet in person or holding a fancy dinner at a local restaurant may not be practical, or safe, in the midst of a pandemic, but you can still get together. A virtual wine tasting or video dinner party is just the thing for last minute planning, and everyone is sure to have a great time.

Just pop a few bottles of wine, put out a supply of finger foods and fire up your favorite video meeting app. When the appointed time arrives, each member of the wedding party can sign in from their respective homes, talking about the upcoming ceremony and enjoying their favorite adult beverages.

Hand Out Homemade Masks as Wedding Favors

Those traditional wedding favors have gotten a new twist in the age of coronavirus, so why not embrace this new tradition? Homemade cloth face masks can be a fun and practical solution to the problem of social distancing and safe celebration, so grab your sewing machine and get going.

You can customize and personalize each face mask with your chosen wedding colors or even embroider them with the date of the wedding. When the pandemic is finally over, your guests can take off their special face masks and turn them into treasured keepsakes of a very strange time.

Plan a Staycation Honeymoon

Now that the wedding is over, you will want a traditional honeymoon, but there is nothing normal about the coronavirus pandemic. Traveling to an exotic location for your honeymoon may not be safe, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy some time alone as a newly married couple.

With some creative planning, you can turn your home into a romantic honeymoon getaway, all without buying a plane ticket or booking a hotel room. A honeymoon staycation is the perfect solution in the age of coronavirus, so you can get away from it all without ever leaving home.

The coronavirus crisis has changed the world in countless ways, including the way people date, fall in love and plan their weddings. If you are in the midst of wedding planning, postponing your nuptials may not be the only solution; the ideas listed above can help you adapt to coronavirus, so you can enjoy your special day with the people you love the most.